Lalee Rugs was founded with a strong but simple belief - that beautiful rugs could be provided at affordable prices. That concept sounds simple, but for too long the market had become accustomed to offering up a limited range at unaffordable prices.

Our products are characterised by innovation, individuality and the perfect interaction between exquisite design and the highest quality standards. It is our goal to meet the requirements of our customers to a special degree. That's why we use the finest quality materials paired with exceptional designs.

As a proud Australian enterprise, we’re delighted to have rapidly built a reputation across the Great Southern Land for our range’s bold mix of classic elegance and cutting edge design. It’s a spirit that embodies the rich and vibrant culture of Australia and the great personal taste of our valued clients.

And like so many Aussie businesses, we’re so pleased to hold a background overseas and to carry forward the rich European heritage of the Lalee brand in Australia. Lalee first began in the 1980’s in Germany, and is today beloved in Europe and around the world. With expert designers in Germany driving the creative vision of Lalee globally, Lalee Australia can provide a truly unique offering locally.